User Submission Guidelines

  1. Film in languages other than English must have legible English subtitles. Uploaded material should be labeled with title, running-time, screening format and contact information (name, email, address and phone number of applicant).
  2. Uploaded film material will not be returned. Do not send a master copy until you are notified.
  3. Entries must include a fully completed, signed and dated registration form. If there is more than one producer or director of the film, then the form must include the details and signatures of every producer & every director.
  4. All filmmakers will be notified via email / telephone only. Hence please ensure that an accurate email id and telephone number are indicated. Please provide at least one alternate email id & telephone number to avoid any problems.
  5. RSACE is permitted to retain viewing material as part of the festival library, for publicizing the festival and for educational purposes. No commercial exploitation of the content will be undertaken by RSACE.
  6. The festival organizers reserve the right to disqualify incomplete, altered or illegible entries. The entrant will indemnify the organizers in all matters arising out of any breach of any warranty or agreement made by the entrant regarding the film entered for competition in the festival.
  7. If your film is selected, you may be asked to provide: B&W and color still photos from the film, press materials, a trailer for use on the RSACE website, posters and flyers.
  8. The decisions of the selection committee shall be final and binding. No correspondence will be entertained.
  9. RSACE reserves the right to make any necessary changes in regulations or Festival scheduling without notice.