User Participation Guideline

OBJECTIVE : To present a platform to showcase and springboard the budding talent, who have passion, patience and perseverance-to grow and become the great film makers of Indian and international cinema.

TOPIC : it’s a golden opportunity for the above students to go all out and make something that reflects their interests, their taste, and their ideas on any topic they find close to their heart.

TEAM : The Team should only consist of 5 members including the Main Applicant.

GENRE : The Films must be essentially short film. They can be either live action, Animation or with special effects.

DURATION : Films must not be less than 2 minutes and no more than 5 minutes in length.

PROCESSING FEE : To be paid online along in the form submission section as per the following conditions. The processing fee is non-refundable.

  • For Indian Students INR 1500/-
  • For International Students $ 30/-

DEADLINE : The closing date for receipt of entries is January 31th, 2018.

STUDENT ELIGIBILITY : In order to submit your film to SHOTS, the applicant must be a registered student of a Junior College or High School at the time of making the film. He / she must attach a copy of his and his team’s current Student ID card while submitting the details.

AGE : Minimum age to participate in SHOTS film festival is 16 years & Maximum age is 19 years.