User Film Making Guidelines

  1. Film must not contain any content that would be considered pornographic. Entries that contain material of an explicit Sexual or violent nature, or anything defamatory or likely to incite bigotry or racial prejudice, smoking or drinking or profanity will be rejected.
  2. Films should be shot in high resolution, however a 480p resolution film video should be uploaded. If selected you may be asked to submit a copy of higher resolution.
  3. Film Videos to be uploaded should be less than 200Mb.
  4. Films can be shot on Handy cam, DSLR camera or mobile phone.
  5. Films should have Credits/Titles of 45 seconds Max (pre and post credits combined).
  6. The organizers of SHOTS do not assume any responsibility for any violation of intellectual property by any entrant. Entries must be original content recorded by the applicant. Entrants must ensure that they own or have obtained all licenses and copyright to allow the film to be screened in public across a variety of different media including broadcast, cinema, web and wireless. Permission letters & licenses may be demanded if needed. Any music that is used in the film must be either originally composed royalty free or have the permission of the owner of the content in writing to use the same.
  7. All costs of production of the film (including talent, editing, etc.) will be borne by the entrant.
  8. Films that have received television or commercial theatrical play out in India or abroad prior to the submission are NOT eligible.